TRDL - Who Dis?

Third Rail Design Lab was formed in 2003, as the publishing imprint for Thom Chiaramonte, largely focusing on collecting and formalizing creator-owned works. Over the years, TRDL has produced art books, commission illustrations, select commercial projects, and ongoing art collaborations  (the TRDL Art Jam) through a community of contributing artists. Joao Marques was invited to join TRDL in 2006, collaborating in the expansion of the TRDL Universe and creating many new characters and concepts for the project. The first TRDL Universe Sourcebook was published in 2009. The TRDL Tribute Art Book One was collected from Thom's work over the previous decade, and published in 2015, followed by the two-volume Wrongrobot series in 2016. The next iteration of the TRDL Universe worldbuilding sourcebooks are currently in development. Books, commissioned works, and art prints, are available through this site and at convention appearances throughout the year. Contact thom with any inquiries! 




                 Thom Chiaramonte

Thom is an architect based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has been illustrating since he was old enough to cause property damage. He married his lovely wife in 2005 and has two younglings as well as predatorial animals. He was primarily a Marvel Zombie growing up, with a healthy dose of imported manga and anime as it became slowly accessible in the late 80s. He counts Mike Mignola, Bryan Hitch, and Masamune Shirow as early influences. He also rides bikes. Often.