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All The TRDLing You Ever Wanted

All The TRDLing You Ever Wanted

I think it's time for a TRDL Update!

Things have been cookin'. Brewin'. Percolatin'. Distillin'. Let's talk about all the TRDLing you ever wanted!

TRDL Sourcebooks

I have been on a long, overseas business trip. These are grueling: SF to Jakarta, 30 hours socks-on, socks-off. And then long days on the job site with meetings before and after. That said, it's time away from the kids and the other responsibilities of my day, and no access to the bike, so it's 100% productive time for my art projects. I get SO MUCH DONE. I usually have production targets for these trips. Previous ones included overhauling my art into the contemporary design language you see on the site, then building the new site and e-commerce platform, then building up the backbone of all my collectible art prints for the cons, and one trip even involved most of the building of the TRDL Tribute Art Book. This time: some desperately needed focused energy on pulling the TRDL Sourcebooks together. These are pretty much the TRDL flagship product: all creator-owned worldbuilding and character art with stories and background, all framed by a universal gaming format. We've been working on these under the TRDL imprint for a decade, but of course the content goes back to childhood, on a lot of these designs. The first sourcebook was released in 2008, shortly before my older child, Zoe, was born, and then the production on the next edition of the books stalled as Joao and I each grew our families, and got REALLY busy at work. Multiple kids does not a focused production environment make. We started and stopped this project three times in the last ten years or so, and that distance has been problematic: restarting in each case involves a lot of redundancy, re-reading the work in progress, reassessing the art to be done, looking at what needs updating... so we made a lot of progress but it was always two steps forward and one back. That's THREE STEPS though. 

So here we are: finally getting it done. I've actually been working on this all year, but while I was aiming for a 2017 release, I realized I had multiple trips coming up, and that's SO much production time waiting to be used. And so I have been using it. At the time of this writing, the first book is nearly done, and I'll be moving full-tilt into the next ones on the plane. Very excited. Publication run planned for December. So, tell all your friends. Just have them queue up, gather their cashmonies, and then just wait. 

Them Art Prints Make Good Gifty Gifts Do They Not

It's that time of the year! I mean, it's way too early, but it can't hurt to plan your gifty-gifting now. I have several HUNDRED unique collectible art prints, each on 11x17 art stock that will likely outlive you, and they beg for your attention. I've recently added about 40 new pieces since the San Francisco Comic Con and Rose City Comic Cons in September, which you can find on the site. If you're in the hunt for something, let me know! I'm pretty much full up on commission slots for the year, but if you have a deep need, we can talk about it. Go peruse! There's a search bar, which sort of eases the pain of the main site not yet being organize by subject. There's also, of course, three art books to choose from. 

Them Team Lope Tyre Club Pinups

Some of you may recall I have done some classic pinup grrrl art designed for vinyl application on bike frames, motorcycle tanks, etc, most of them by commission. I had planned to have these designs available as a la carte vinyl for sale, but found that the costs of production made them almost prohibitively expensive, as well as difficult to source, as my main trusted supplier of die cut transparent vinyl went belly up. Well, GOOD NEWS I says: I found another promising source. I'll be doing some test runs over the holidays, but if it works out, I'll soon have these ready for sale as well as, of course, the commission opportunities. The next step is bike shops, and I have a few irons in that fire as well. Stay tuned!

That's all for now. I hope to be posting the announcement on the TRDL Sourcebooks before the holidays. Wouldn't that be something!

TRDL 2017 Series No. 67 - Octavia [Halloween 2017]

TRDL 2017 Series No. 67 - Octavia [Halloween 2017]