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TRDL Thanksgiving Sale and Con Discounts

TRDL Thanksgiving Sale and Con Discounts

Third Rail Design Lab News - November 2017

It's Thanksgiving now, and the December holidays are just around the corner. Time to brine things and make sale codes!

If you are reading this, it means you a) have smart filters, and b) are either a friend, previous client, or interested purveyor of TRDL stuffs from recent convention appearances or the interwebs. If you are on her by mistake, or want to get OFF this merry-go-round, please unsubscribe or just let me know directly. 

Onward: to the NEWS!


Thanksgiving Sale is a Thing!

I despise the concept of Black Friday. Stay in your jammies, and buy art from small press pals instead, that's what I always say. 

From now until end of day 30 November 2017 everything in the shop is 20% off. Everything, you cry? EVERYTHING. 
Offerings include art prints and coffee table books, so many delights your head will swim. You can pick them up on the site  using promo code THEMYAMS2017. Note: if you have any problems at checkout just let me know and I'll sort it out with science. For those of you that know what you want and don't want to deal with the site, just contact me directly.

Let me break down some of your options:

11x17 Art Prints: At last count, I have more than 400 collectible art prints available, from Marvel to DC, Film and TV, redesigns, popular culture, and more. Take a deep dive and see if something strikes your fancy. Plenty of recent favorites available, from Justice league members to Marvel Netflix projects. 

11x17 Vintage Pinups: I have a number of offerings from my vintage-inspired pinup series, designed for vinyl application on bike frames, car bodies, etc. Many of these were commission pieces, so if you have a need for such a thing, let me know, but the prints look great and sell out at the shows often. 

The TRDL Tribute Art Book: This is a heavy tome, a collection of art spanning several years, with archival quality perfect binding and heavy stock pages. It makes for a great coffee table book and sampler of my tribute art works.

Wrongrobot, Volumes 1 and 2: These collections feature hand-drawn robots and monsters (bots and bugaboos) which have been washed with gray Copics and prepared in two collections. Many of these were generated by a few keywords and improvised from there. 

These make fine gifts, and imagine how great you'll feel if, you know, you give everyone on your holiday list sweet, sweet art and then you're done with your shopping before December even begins? It would be madness to do anything else. Or it wouldn't be. Anyway, sale! THEMYAMS2017 is the code!

Choose from any (or all) of the prints on the site here! Direct links to the books are below.

TRDL Commissions Make Great Gifts Too, He Cried


While I don't take on too many commissions these days, with my dance card being full and such, I do offer a few slots in time for the holidays. Full color commission art starts at $100 and up (ie. for group shots, complex backgrounds and the like) but if you want something done as a gift, don't wait too long to let me know. December is a busy, busy time with these younglings hurtling themselves about. Give me a shout to set things up!

TRDL Convention News: Heroes and Villains Fanfest/ Walker Stalker Con Discounts


Friday and Monday, the gang behind the popular Heroes and Villains Fanfest/ Walker Stalker Cons are offering great discounts on their shows. These apply to both 2017 and 2018 shows, so if you plan on attending any of these, it's a great opportunity to lock in a good deal now. I will be tabling at HVFF in Portland this January, and San Jose in the fall, so hope to see you there!

Get those ticket deals here.


If you aren't listening to Robot-Kraken, I can't even.

Finally, a reminder that Kris and I host a monthly podcast, Robot-Kraken, featuring all the standard nerd news you can handle, as well as movie reviews, art talk, con stuff, boozing, and a few untoward elements. We are preparing two podcast uploads that should be ready soon, so make sure and stay tuned for those. Subscribe and review on iTunes if you will! 

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