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TRDL Update - August 2017

TRDL Update - August 2017

It's been a whirlwind summer! I've been working on the house, up to my eyeballs at work, and pushing hard on the TRDL Sourcebook production. Time for an update!

ITEM: Convention Appearances - Fall 2017

San Francisco Comic Con - September 01 - 03, San Francisco, CA - Artist Alley Table C15


Rose City Comic Con - September 08 - 10 - Portland, OR - Artist Alley Table D-05



Note: I will be holding a panel on Character Redesign Strategies at both conventions; For SFCC it's going to be Saturday at 4pm, Room 2011; For Rose City, Friday at 5:30pm, Panel Room 08

Hope to see you there! I have a few open slots for con sketch pre-orders. Pencils/pen and Copic are $30 and sketch covers are $40 where available. I'm also taking orders on full color commissions, which start at $100. Let me know if you want to get on the list!



TRDL Sourcebooks: The big plan was to release these in time for the fall con season. However, that life business got up IN there. As I was cranking hard on this, I realized I had three trips overseas comic up: perfect time to work on these books, as it has been on most of my projects. At home, I slot this work into that narrow window between my kids crashing and me crashing...these trips, on the other hand, offer 24-30 hours of travel each way, and I get SO MUCH DONE. So, I decided it made sense to wait and work on these trips to dial in the books. Sorry to disappoint some of you that have been waiting. Starting with San Francisco Comic Con I will be showing banner art behind me for the new books, so at least the MARKETING is on schedule, anyway. For those unfamiliar, the TRDL Sourcebooks are character guides much akin to the old Marvel handbooks, but with a simple stat system suitable for conversion to your favorite RPG, as well as power descriptions and origins, and a world timeline for the TRDL Universe. This time, multiple books are planned so save your pennies. Tons of new art!


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.10.14 PM.png


The TRDL Art Jam for September has been announced!

Yeeeah, sorry about August. It wasn't you, it was me. I was head down working on the new TRDL Sourcebooks, and preparing for my con appearances in September, and I forgot to post the jam.

On the other hand, wow, we had some great entries for June's Spider-Man jam. A huge amount. Very nicely done, everyone!

OK, so September we'll try to catch up. The jam selections are:

1. Thor, and the Asgard pantheon, in honor of Thor: Ragnarok
2. Blade Runner, in honor of Blade Runner 2049
3. Batman, in honor of the will he/wont he about Ben Affleck
4. And finally SHIELD, either the comics, film, or TV version

Have fun!

*Thor, by anklesnsocks (love the glowy Mjolnir here)
Blade Runner by TimothyAndersonArt (that vintage cover)
Batman by Rockthearts1212 (evokes Batman 100 in the best ways)
SHIELD by Andyparkart…/The-Avengers-Maria-Hil…


As always, give me a shout if there's something you want to see on the site. I've added about 130 new art prints since June, and all the books are still in inventory: The TRDL Tribute Art book 01, and two volumes of the Wrongrobot collections of Bots and Bugaboos. Available on the site or direct through me. 




Finally, as a reminder, Kris of Deeply Dapper and I host a podcast featuring all sorts of standard news items. Robot-Kraken!!! It includes a longform monthly recording featuring movie reviews, con reports and the like, as well as, recently, weekly-ish commentary on the recent season of Game of Thrones. Check it out on iTunes, your streaming channel of choice, or direct download through the site! We would love, for iTunes users, that you post reviews for the show, specifically 5-star minimum ones, ha. Here's a link to itunes and one to the Robot-Kraken website, where we feature regular updates on news and such that we don't hit in the recordings. 


Thanks for reading!


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TRDL 2006 Series No. 16 - The Ferrous Autonomic [Iron Man Cryptohistorical Redesign]

TRDL 2006 Series No. 16 - The Ferrous Autonomic [Iron Man Cryptohistorical Redesign]

TRDL Con Sketch Pre-Order Sign-Ups Now Open: SFCC and RCCC 2017

TRDL Con Sketch Pre-Order Sign-Ups Now Open: SFCC and RCCC 2017